Children’s Endowment donation


Chico Children’s Endowment makes donation to Arc of Butte County playground renovation

Arc of Butte County seeks to make
playground even more accessible!

The Chico Children’s Endowment Fund has donated $7,000 to support the renovation of the playground at  Arc Chico at 2030 Park Avenue! The playground has provided a place for disabled and non-disabled children to play and socialize for the past 20 years. The playground is also available for use on request by any of Arc of Butte County’s 400 client families.

The renovation of the playground will include refurbishing the existing equipment and installing a new wheelchair accessible swing set that will provide opportunities for kids who otherwise can’t enjoy one of the most basic childhood pleasures. The playground surface will be replaced with a material that is high-impact and wheelchair accessible, which will enable those who are most likely to sit on the sidelines to participate and will also reduce the likelihood of injury in the event that a participating child falls. Additionally, a new sturdier wrought-iron fence will also be erected.