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Portrait of Elisa Rouse, Care Team coach

Elisa Rouse


Hello, I'm Elisa Rouse and I have lived in Chico for 10 years with my husband and four wonderful kids.

My day job is as a case manager, empowering parenting youth to become their best selves. I offer support, advice and connection to our local resources to best help the needs of each individual I serve. I am committed to creating a nurturing and safe environment for parenting youth, guiding them through challenges and celebrating their achievements.

In addition to my professional role, I'm also a foster and adoptive mom. My favorite part of fostering has been the ability to support families in their reunification with their children. Being a parent to my four children as well as others who have gone home to their parents has taught me the true meaning of love, patience and compassion. They keep me on my toes and everyday is an adventure!

When I’m not working or parenting I love to be active in any way I can. In the past few years I have discovered the sport of powerlifting and have spent my free time learning and practicing weight lifting to see how far I can push myself! I also love spending time in Bidwell park hiking or biking and exploring Chico with my family.

I am excited to work with you and be a small part of your journey!

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