Camp Fire Relief – Personal Fundraising

Thank you for your interest in raising money for Camp Fire relief! Please review the following information before contacting NVCF about your efforts.

  1. Donations made to GoFundMe, Crowdrise, Facebook, and other third-parties are not tax-deductible for the individual gift-giver, as those businesses are not charitable organizations designated by the IRS. Vendors may charge a fee on donations, as well. Funds you raise via fundraising platforms and send to NVCF will be recorded as a tax-deductible gift from you. The best way for individuals interested in tax-deductible donations is to give directly to the Camp Fire Relief Fund.
  2. NVCF will designate 1% of all fire relief donations to help cover the cost of administration and management of the fund.
  3. NVCF will happily accept contributions of $100,000 or greater via ACH/wire transfer. Please contact for bank routing and account information. Smaller amounts may be submitted via check to: NVCF, 240 Main St Ste 260, Chico CA 95928. Please indicate “Fire Relief” in the memo line.
  4. While we are truly impressed by the outpouring of support from so many generous donors, NVCF does not have the capacity at this time to promote individual, private fundraising events. There is no need to notify NVCF of your event, though we ask that anyone promoting the NVCF Camp Fire Relief Fund clearly indicate to donors that unless they donate to NVCF directly, their donations are not tax-deductible. Please know that your efforts are deeply appreciated by NVCF and the tens of thousands of residents affected by the Camp Fire.