North Valley Community Foundation has awarded more than $45 million in grants since the Camp Fire via the Butte Strong Fund, Camp Fire Relief Fund and donor-designated funds.


Butte Strong Fund

A partnership of the North Valley Community Foundation, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. and the Aaron Rodgers NorCal Fire Recovery Fund, the Butte Strong Fund was set up to work alongside communities for years after the fire.

Camp Fire Relief Fund

In the immediate aftermath of the fire, North Valley Community Foundation awarded grants for the immediate and overwhelming need for emergency relief and response.

Butte Strong Fund

The Butte Strong Fund issues grants in five categories: housing, business recovery, community development, health and wellness, and children and youth services. 

Grants are approved by a committee of nine community members. The committee's funding emphasis in year two are the two categories of housing and health and wellness. 

Welcome Home Event


North Valley Community Foundation and the Camp Fire Collaborative honored and celebrated Camp Fire survivors, and our funders, Samaritan’s Purse, Wells Fargo, American Red Cross and the Center for Disaster Philanthropy, for the triumphant return of survivor’s to their new homes.

Camp Fire Relief Fund

Through the Camp Fire Relief Fund, in the six months after the fire, we awarded 210 grants for relief and response. The funds were distributed to organizations and government agencies working directly with Camp Fire survivors, often in the form of direct assistance.

The Camp Fire Relief Fund grant program closed April 2019. NVCF's assistance continues with the Butte Strong Fund.

Please note: The Camp Fire Relief Fund is no longer accepting new applications. All applications should go through the Butte Strong Fund.

Read our report to the community on North Valley Community Foundation's Camp Fire relief and recovery effort — with details on $55 million raised $14 million granted by the six-month anniversary, and the long-term strategies for collaboration and grants going forward.

The California Community Foundation and North Valley Community Foundation, with the help of csb consulting,  have produced a report titled “Strengthening the Safety Net in Butte County – Findings and Recommendations.”


We hope this thorough and alarming statistical analysis can be a tool for advocacy, collaboration and development of a deeper understanding of how Butte County rebuilds its social safety net after the devastating Camp Fire.