Much of philanthropy is facilitated through private businesses, their owners and employees. Your business makes a positive contribution to our economy, but it can make important community impacts in other areas that align with company values. Whether extending charity to your employees or to the community as a whole, NVCF can help your business strategically serve the interests of your clientele.

Get Started

These steps will help you identify the type of NVCF fund or program that can best serve your business’s needs.

An easy way to make a difference in your community

Step 3

Set the scope and strategic plan for your social endeavor

Step 4

Start making a difference!

Employee Care Fund

When employees suffer tragedy, hardship, or are seeking other help, employers often want to help. At the North Valley Community Foundation this is a tax-deductible, streamlined solution.

Community Impact Fund

The Community Impact Fund can provide financial resources for the community in areas you desire to make an impact. A designated advisory team, made up of your employees, reviews grant applications to fund.

Giving Circle

Giving Circles are formed when individuals come together and pool funds, decide together where to give the money, and learn together about their community and philanthropy. This can be a great team-building tool for employee teams.

Scholarship Fund

We can help your business establish a scholarship or award program that could work with public or private educational institutions around the focus and priorities of your strategic philanthropic goals.

Social Endeavor

Sometimes you have a vision for something that doesn’t have a home yet. So, a business can initiate an idea and create a tangible charitable venture. NVCF assists with program development, fund management and project management for effective community impact.

Major Initiative

In concert with your other philanthropic efforts, businesses enjoy having a pet project or focused initiative. Major Initiatives harness passion, money, time, and fun for the good of the community while bringing the employees together.

The Benefits for Business

Whether businesses want to extend charity to their employees or to the community as a whole, NVCF can help businesses strategically impact the community with added benefits. These benefits include:

Streamlined Process

Creating a charitable fund or supporting organization NVCF facilitates a process that includes focus on your mission of philanthropy and its relationship to your corporate goals. Businesses land on a set of priorities that they want to influence and develop a way of making their impact and involving their staff. Custom made programs enhance the experience and insure that the programs fit well with the culture and values of the company. Systems are developed that minimize the back-end work, insure ease of implementation, and screen out unwanted solicitations for donations.

NVCF is the easy, low-cost alternative to forming and administering a private foundation.

Bolster Public Image & Employee Satisfaction

Statistics have proven that employees love working for a company that is seeking to have an influence in the community and doing it in proactive ways. One very important result: increased employee retention. In fact employees see corporate philanthropy initiatives as another benefit in their package. Many departments report increased team spirit when their employees learn, serve and give together. And, we celebrate the positive impact on the community and see corporate public image sore.

Increased Results

Strategic philanthropy means that our efforts are focused and meaningful. More proactive giving means greater impact, monitoring of results, and broader influence. It is great to join other companies in community wide philanthropy from time to time to maximize the individual efforts and impact.

Cost Savings

Due to the economies of scale and the charitable mission of the community foundation, we offer these services and products at the lowest cost to the donor.