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If you haven't already, it really is time to learn what all this "blogging" is about. And, perhaps more importantly - how this new interactive web medium is augmenting and promoting nonprofits and for-profits around the globe.

It's the real deal!

It's the must-know!

Voices Insisting on PursuitSAFETY

Voices Insisting on PursuitSAFETY is a nonprofit organization that every person on this globe should know about. To put it simply, Voices Insisting on PursuitSAFETY - WILL SAVE LIVES. I am proud to put the support of the North Valley Community Foundaiton behind its efforts and those of its founder, Candy Priano. Please take a moment to read blog below. And, if you have any questions about how to help please don't hesitate to ring me directly. - Alexa Valavanis, CEO North Valley Community Foundation.


North Valley International Humanitarians Council

What an incredible network we have committed to creating, together! I couldn’t be more excited to get this International Humanitarians Council off the ground here in the North State.

Many of you participated in our very first discussion re: the development of this Council in mid-February.

To recap (and for those of you who were unable to attend):

North Valley Nonprofit Council

What a day!

I wanted to thank each of you that attended yesterday's North Valley Nonprofit Council meeting, at the Market Cafe in Chico. We've had a full house for each of the council meetings since its birth in Spring '07!

For those of you who were unable to attend, the Keynote Speaker for the afternoon was Donnie Peterson, a brilliant consultant and motivator for area nonprofits re: the role of technology and collaboration in the success of an organization (and much much more).

Learning Is HIP!

Learning is is a new 501(c) (3) founded by Chico’s own Dr. Lee Hoffmann. The mission: To transform struggling students into independent learners! Combining more than 70 years experience in public education, three generations of instructors deliver the Hoffmann Integration Process. HIP training provides a scientifically proven program that tackles learning difficulties and improves behavior and self-confidence. Low academic performance often leads to unemployment and crime. With early intervention, HIP training not only rescues the child, it protects and benefits the community.

Come on Blog - Everyone is doing it!!!

Send me a few paragraphs about your nonprofit organization; the services you provide our community (accounting, legal, NPO consulting, strategic planning, marketing, etc); or, random thoughts on philanthropy, community, new solutions to our communities challenges.
I would love to post it! Also, include any relevant links to websites and I will include those too.

Email to

Thank you,
Alexa Valavanis

Thoughts from a Local CPA, Joan Stoner

What do I get out of it?

As a CPA, I have noted a common characteristic with other CPAs. We are always busy. The most common greeting I get from friends is the question “Are things slowing down for you yet?” That of course refers to tax season, but it also says something about us CPAs as professionals. We tend to be very involved with what we do for a living to the point that we neglect other things in our life.

Land of the Eternal Spring

By, Alexa Leigh Valavanis


I am blogging to invite you to participate in a round table discussion re: the formation of an international humanitarians group (Sierra Nevada Brewery, February 15th at NOON).

International Philanthropy on the Rise

By, Sherry Holbrook

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